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Episode FIVE – time flies! 

We sat down with Tamara as the start of our Winter Warmer series: the weather (on this side of the world, anyway) is turning; it’s darker, for longer, we’re neck-deep in fake news, and there’s a continued global pandemic looming over us all. Tamara takes us into a deep, conversational breath of reassurance, reminding us that it’s okay to not be okay, and giving our lovely listeners some tools that we hope will hug your heart. This is an episode for all of us, filled with kindness, care, and of course, candid conversation. Cheers, babeses. Take good care of you. xx


About Tam: 

Tamara Adilman has been a therapist in private practice in Vancouver BC for over 25 years. She specializes in relationship and individual therapy .

She has dedicated her working life to help people discover who they are and how to reach their potential . She works with clients who are facing grief, loss anxiety and depression as well as with couples and/or family members who seek to heal their relationships.

She believes deeply that people can and do change and her life's work is to help clients find their path towards personal transformation.

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