Bombshell Brunches Podcast

Episode Six – This is Us

For our sixth episode, we wanted to try something new. Our brunches started as REAL brunches with like-minded colleagues, and we wanted to honour that, and share it with you. We reflect on our journey, as well as recap and digest the first series of episodes. We want you to see behind the scenes, candidly, as so much of the journeys we witness can be hidden, because of a need or want to only show the ‘polished product’. 

So, we brunch over our own progress, our learnings, while discussing boundaries, the importance of words in our relationship to our behaviour, the Wild West of the Internet, cancel culture, identity, past guests’ wisdom, and not giving a fuck. 

This is an info-rich, thought-invoking episode of free-flowing discussion, best paired with your favourite beverage, a lovely brunch, or sitting in a cozy space with your two new friends. 

Welcome to our brunch. Let’s chat, babes. 

Media we discuss: 

Seven Secrets to Persuasion: Click HERE 

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck: Click HERE

Article: The Nuclear Family Was a Mistake: Click HERE

Film: The Social Dilemma: Click HERE

To connect with Bombshell Brunches: Click HERE

To connect with Kristina Lao: Click HERE

To connect with Raquelle Roodenburg: Click HERE

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