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#007 Let that Sh*T GO! 

Sara Brigz is a declutter expert who can attest to living clutter-free in a small space: she shares her 300 square foot apartment with her partner, works from home, and retains a calm composure and bright-eyed clarity that makes us both feel comparatively like mad hatters at a cluttered-up tea party. How does she seem like she’s got it all together? We find out! As we move into the winter of one weird-ass year, working and living in our smaller bubbles of existence, we’re so ready to let a LOT of sh*t go (including 2020 IMO). Sara adds to the joy of letting go with some ‘perks of tiny living’, including stronger relationships, communication skills, and release of our possessiveness over our possessions. 

So, pour that favourite drink of yours, push aside that coffee mug sitting on top of the pile of papers sitting on top of the stack of magazines next to that trinket you got three years ago from some craft fair that was attached to some memory that you haven’t quite remembered but it MIGHT come back to you at some point soon so you should probably keep it… and enjoy listening to some of Sara’s solutions to stressless surroundings. 

Just do us a favour: recycle, donate, and don’t throw your sh*t out the window. Someone could get hurt.

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About Sara Brigz: 

Sara Brigz is a declutter coach and founder of Let That Shit Go, where she helps people get to the root cause of clutter, confront the emotions holding them back, and live a life they’re excited about. If you’re ready to find more calm at home, check out her free decluttering guide and say hi on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok!


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