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If you’ve ever wished you felt more like the star of your own life, this one’s for YOU. Off the back of her first leading role in a movie, thriving long-time actor and singer Donna Benedicto gets real with us about what happens behind the glamorous life of a leading lady. We get the inside scoop on the struggles of stereotypes, representation, and how to REALLY get ready to carry a whole show and step into that leading role – whether it’s on set, in your job, or in life. We talk about friendships, protecting your inner circle, and helping yourself thrive by creating the best environments for success. 

This one is best served up with your relaxing beverage of choice, and a daydreaming mind. WARNING: This episode may cause you to look for new friends and release unhelpful behaviour… Sorry NOT SORRY. 

About Donna: 

Donna Benedicto was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She is an actress and producer, known for Supergirl (2015), Almost Human (2013) and Minority Report (2015). 

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