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Kristina and Raquelle are having a day. As everything is weighing down, we face it, embrace it, and then unpack it and reframe it. As a result, we’re real-time processing with you all, breaking down why it is that we’re feeling frazzled, how we’re working through it, and in the process, sharing some resources, gems from guests, and tools that YOU can use to thrive through your own high pressure situations and create a great career (and life) path. 

In this episode, we talk about the frameworks we’ve been building. Specifically in the realm of family, friends and finances. We’ll dig into COVID exhaustion, hive mind mentality, saying goodbye to our past selves, and the pain and gain of moving forward (both physically and metaphorically). 

So, sit back, sip, and listen to the spill from your friends at BB. If you’ve got some stories to share with us, slip into those DMs and tell us how YOU are. 

Media we discuss: 

Decluttering: Sara Brigz 

Episode 005 (Coping with COVID and Winter) 

The Gift of Fear (book)

Episode 008 (Money) 

Episode 009 (Fierce Friendships)

World Economic Forum: Top Ten Skills for the Future

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