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Episode Twelve – WINTER WONDERMIND! With the onset of winter, the woes of our world, and all the feelings we’re having, we just wanted to wrap you all up in one big hug. So, we are doing just that, with the thing that brings so many of us together: MUSIC. 

We asked three of our favourite artists to share a love letter to winter with us: a little thought, daydream, or ode to the wintery world, and then an original song that we can bask in for a little while. The result: some of the most glorious tunes, from these absolute goddesses, in the comfort of your own home. 

It’s dark out there, in many ways, friends. Some of you will be spending more alone time than ever. In these instances, however you are spending the next few weeks, we’d like you to know that you have two friendly voices, and three angelic songstresses, to keep you company. So, snuggle up, get into your comfiest clothes, and listen in. 

We’re blowing soft, snowy kisses your way, and hope this warms you up, BBs. 

About The Artists:

“Falling Deeper” was written by Bukola Balogun, Anthony Anderson, Chin Injeti, Mark Fenster and Steve Smith. Performed by Bukola Balogun. 

YouTube Channel: click HERE

 “Autumn Leaves” was written and performed by Jess Vaira. 

YouTube: Channel: click HERE

“I’ll Fly” was written and performed by Desirée Dawson.
YouTube Channel: click

*We’ve included links to their YouTube Channels, but you can support their music on all platforms 🙂 

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