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013. Finding Your Voice to Amplify Presentation Skills, Be More Confident, Show up + Take More Space w/ Carol-Lynne Quinn

Carol-Lynne from CQ Voice is launching  “ROAR” an accessible, online vocal platform to empower you through vocal work. 

We talk to Carol-Lynne about finding your voice, using it to bring out your most confident self, and learning to love the power of your sound. We talk about how the voice is so often forgotten in our daily warm ups, or self-care routines. We breathe, we speak, and often we do so unintentionally. The power of connected breath, simple vocal exercises, and that inner vibration we make when we create sound, is long-proven to increase your health, wellbeing, and happiness. In fact, we suggest five minutes a day, the way you’d incorporate meditation into your routine. You’ll be amazed at how powerful you feel when you really use your voice. 

Whether you are a vocalist, teacher, or just someone who (like all of us) talks through meetings and zoom calls all day, Carol-Lynne has the science, the sass and the seriously easy steps to walk you into a more grounded, resonating self.  

About CQ Voice: 

CQ Voice is a voice company founded by Carol-Lynne Quinn, an athletic science-based voice coach.  She has worked with award-winning vocalists, coaching JUNO Master Classes and Canada’s Music Incubator.

In 2021, CQ Voice launches ROAR, an online community with vocal training programs, live challenges, articles, podcasts, live group classes and a plethora of resources for all voice users.

The goal for ROAR is to create a vocal health and athletic voice science resource that is accessible to artists (private one on one sessions are very expensive) as well as make it a community experience that brings vocalists and voice users together.

To Join the Roar Community, visit 

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