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014. Learning to Love Your Body, Nourishing your skin and Debunking Marketing Myths w/ Aly and Betty from Bean and Butter Body

Episode Fourteen: Butter Up, BBs! 

Happy New Year, BBs! We’re kicking off 2021 with one of the most wholesome, delicious friendship stories we’ve had to date. We dive into delectable discourse with our two favourite body-loving goddesses, leaving you feeling like anything is possible when you have good friends around you. 

Bean and Body Butter started in Summer 2020, a direct result of the job losses incurred by COVID-19. These two created a product that is good for your skin, and a brand that is great for your heart and mind. Aly and Betty show you what to look for in good skincare, how to create an authentic value-based brand, and demonstrate how to make a friendship into a successful business partnership. 

Many of you in our audience are self-starters, entrepreneurs and innovation-seekers. This episode is a true inspiration for those of us who are hustling, pivoting, responding to adversity, and rising through whatever the world throws at us. 

If you love these guests, buy their body products – you’ll LOVE THEM. 

About Bean and Body Butter:  

We are Aly Gaudet and Betty Luong, two best friends and the owners of bean + butter body snacks. Aly officially founded bean + butter in August 2020 and not long after the launch, teamed up with Betty to develop and expand the business further, creating a brand and product we are both incredibly proud of. Together we have built this brand based on a mutual love for natural skincare, body positivity and all things food! Each of our products contains skin loving, natural, plant based ingredients, a lot of love and delicious scents you’ll be tempted to taste! We advocate for all forms of self love when it comes to feeling good about the skin you are in and we encourage everyone to embrace the beauty in their features rather than change them. We strive to bring you transparency, nourishment and to leave you feelin’ like the snack you are!

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