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016. Exploring the Third Space, Cultural Identity, Transmuting Love and Becoming Your Own Home w/Harpo

Episode Sixteen – Third Cultures, Spaces, Owning Your Space 

Harpo speaks with a sense of authenticity, outlining her progression through a scarcity mindset, through academia, cultural differences, and extensive self-awareness building, this badass has created her own home within herself, and is sharing that space with you. We talk about leaning into the universe, equipping herself with the framework to succeed, and then letting the wave of serendipity take you on a journey towards self-fulfilment. Harpo talks about her decision-making process, from embracing the ‘third space’, educating and allowing, the clash of collectivist vs individualist cultures, and so much more. Harpo is a self-effacing, ambitious, calm and collected human. Our chat with this fellow lifelong learner will leave you feeling inspired, curious, explorative and informed. Don’t forget to subscribe to Harpo’s podcast, Brown Girl Guilt, which launched in January 2021! 

About Harpo: 

Harpo is a passionate homegirl. She is a brown girl who adores being a brown girl. She’s navigating and unpacking her own brown girl guilt, while continuously exploring what a world without that guilt looks like for herself and her didis. She loves conversations, creating space, taking space, and cultivating space. A space she really loves exploring is the third space in which hybrid, bicultural identities thrive & survive.
You’d probably catch her at any moment nose deep in a book, curating the perfect playlist, or drinking red wine.
Harpo is also quite the smartie pants, with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology & Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies from Simon Fraser University and a Master of Arts in Education & Society: Gender and Women Studies from McGill University. Brown Girl Guilt, the podcast, launched in January 2021


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