Bombshell Brunches Podcast

Episode  20 – Body Talk!

Today we dig deep into how the body holds trauma. We sit with Ocean Bloom, a one-of-a-kind conscious movement therapist who has managed to intersect a combination of mental, physical and emotional therapies, creating a transformative experience for her clients. From pro-athlete to film star to personal fitness coach, Ocean has studied alternative and traditional healing therapies around the world, uncovering the most effective treatments for clients with extreme PTSD, unaddressed and unknown trauma, and physical and emotional ailments of all kinds. For people who are looking to perform, process and exist at their best level, this is a must-listen episode. 

About Ocean Bloom:

A World Fitness Champion, originally from Vancouver, BC. Ocean travels throughout Canada, Europe and Asia where she offers Conscious Movement Therapy sessions, leads wellness retreats, and teaches fitness and yoga classes. Ocean’s desire to find the balance between physical fitness and nurturing the spirit inspired her to travel to Asia to study Yoga, Ayurveda, Martial Arts, Meditation and Thai Yoga Massage. Her interest in transformational healing through ancient forms of therapeutic yoga massage and meditation brought her to Chiang Mai, Thailand for ongoing studies at the Sunshine Thai Massage School as well as training in the South of Thailand with the Mudita Thai Massage School. 

Ocean’s passion, devotion and inspiration come from 25 years of experience in theatre, film, dance, yoga, gymnastics, martial arts, and over 14 years as a fitness competitor, fitness model, actress, life coach, teacher, international author and speaker.


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