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Laurinda embodies tomorrow’s best leaders. A female entrepreneur who dropped out of college, suffered extensive mental health issues, Laurinda gives us the inspiration and information to turn your hardships into heartwarming victories. After facing rejection from traditional roles, she created a life of sustainable, empowered social justice business exceptional products that you’re all going to want to wear.

We talk to Laurinda about struggling to find your ‘fit’ in your career, creating a powerful ‘why’, beginning small and investing in your vision, and continuously making sure that your values ARE your company.  If you’re starting a business, going freelance, or even working for a big company, this is a must-listen for how to create a nurturing culture, wherever you are.  

About Laurinda: 

Art has always had a significant impact in Laurinda Lee-Retter’s life and crafting jewellery was a hobby she adopted as a therapeutic pastime when she herself was a youth. Not thinking it was a viable career option, Laurinda attended university as a music major but ended up as an Executive Assistant somewhere down the road where crafting PowerPoint presentations were her main avenue for creativity. Surrounded by entrepreneurs, starting a business had always been a lifelong goal but for her, giving back and ensuring positive community impact were ultimate motivating factors so she adopted the social enterprise model to craft her own form of change. By combining her inherent love for art with the therapeutic elements she experienced personally in the creative process and a structured work environment, she founded Kind Karma to give vulnerable youth an innovative employment opportunity. Today. Kind Karma Company continues to employ at-risk and homeless youth to handcraft fine jewelry with proceeds from sales returned to employees to support their individual goals and aspirations. We hope that as these youth transform into successful adults, they too, will have the ability and motivation to continue to pay kindness forward. 

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