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Stay Together by Staying Apart! In the midst of a global pandemic, we’re diving in and out of connections, communications, and intentions in the realm of intimate relationships. Tamara Adilman, relationship therapist, joins our brunch for the second time, talking us through some of the biggest challenges in relationships today. The need for space (and connection), setting boundaries, and screen sex (at least it’s safe), Tam spills the tea with the very best resources and insights for you to glow up, whether you’re single or partnered. 

 About Tamara: 

Tamara Adilman has been a therapist in private practice in Vancouver BC for over 25 years. She specializes in relationship and individual therapy .

She has dedicated her working life to help people discover who they are and how to reach their potential . She works with clients who are facing grief, loss anxiety and depression as well as with couples and/or family members who seek to heal their relationships.

She believes deeply that people can and do change and her life's work is to help clients find their path towards personal transformation.


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