Bombshell Brunches Podcast

**TRIGGER WARNING** – This episode talks about death and trauma, and may be jarring in some moments.

The adventure begins… IN YOUR MIND. We sat down with E. Larry Butler, Kristina’s hypnotist and career coach. Hop on board as we make like Dora the Explorer and learn about the inner workings of the unconscious mind; from smoking cessation (Kristina stopped smoking after 18 years with one session) to addressing core belief systems, past life regression to releasing your fears. Sit back and relax as we get deep into identity shifting and setting up for success, with a multitude of energy-centric techniques that will leave you feeling limitless. 

About Larry Butler:

E. Larry Butler founded Trance-formation Centres Inc.  in December of 2006

with one goal in mind: to provide the most powerful and effective solution we

could to allow individuals, who wanted a new life, to become non-smokers for

the rest of their lives.

People wanted more and we realised that the past does not have to define the

future. With this in mind we expanded our services, using hypnosis and other

modalities to enable our clients create new possibilities they had previously

thought impossible.

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