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028. Trusting the process and leaning into the most underrated superpower: community. Move because you CAN w/ Lise Berube

This week, we celebrate the incredible power of community, through superwoman, Lise Berube. Lise is running her second marathon for Callenish House in May 2021, having raised over $65,000 in last year, while in treatment for stage four cancer. This episode is for all of us, through the eyes of one of the most inspiring women we’ve ever met. We talk candidly about detection, diagnosis, trusting the process. Lise moves through defiance, to resilience, into cool, calm confidence. Lise explains how Callanish helped her find the grace in balancing hope and acceptance while choosing to live her life. Lise exudes kindness, and community spirit that will get you fired up to take each day with a can-do attitude, and make the most of your beautiful life!

About Lise Berube: 

Lise was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in 2016 while caring for two kids at home on maternity leave from her job, when her son was 2 and her daughter was just shy of 6 months old. Lise found Callanish in the summer of 2018, after finishing chemo, radiation and most of her cancer-related surgeries, and has been a big supporter ever since. It wasn’t until she was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer in early 2019 that she really came to appreciate how much she relied on Callanish to hold her up and carry her through. 

Since then, Lise has helped to raise over $65,000 for Callanish through a 100-km bike ride, 240-km bike relay and a marathon with her friend Grace Lore. 

Last year, shortly after the pandemic hit, and in the midst of dealing with brain radiation and ongoing chemotherapy and progression of her cancer, Lise and her friend Grace decided to run a marathon and raise funds once again for Callanish. 

See links below to support Lise and Callanish in their efforts to support this incredible community.


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