Bombshell Brunches Podcast

=“Wow, you look so good for your age!” 🤮. We bust that tired myth that after 25, you’re an old dustbag that needs to quietly disintegrate in a dark corner of an old creaky cabin. Raquelle and Kristina sip on their respective tea and wine for a hilarious account of ageist moments that shaped them. We’re sure you can relate to some, whether you’re 20, 50 or 120 (if you’re 120 please contact us so we can revel in your dustless glory). 

These episodes are our chance to share the behind-the-scenes convos of two fierce friends, so put on your seatbelt and get set to challenge your own dusty (or shiny) bones in new adventurous ways.

Forbes Article on Ageism: click

World Health Organisation article on Ageism: click HERE

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