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Do you run towards your goals, or away from your fears? We all want the freedom to choose our best selves on the daily, and Grace Lindsey has found the perfect intersection of life coaching and personal training to help with that. 

From her own personal journey of dis-ease with her body, Grace candidly shares her journey through discovering her passions, navigating setbacks, and developing a thriving mindset through mood-based movement. If you’re a high-performing, ambitious and, let’s face it, burnout-prone babe, this one is for YOU.  

About Grace:

Grace is a Wellness Coach committed to helping women find their version of happy. From a cripplingly anxious self-deprecator to a passionate self-love enthusiast (and everything in between), it is her personal mission and duty to help heal, guide and empower in any way she can. Grace combines life coaching with fitness, harnessing the power of physical movement to better our mental health. She strongly believes that it is within our relationships with exercise, food and our bodies that our true freedom lies. Grace started out as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor before founding her first brand Diva Train – an exercise class she brought to universities, gyms and schools across London, England. She is now based out of Toronto, Canada where she is currently building her new business Mood Workouts.


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