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May is Asian Heritage Month in Canada (and Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month in the USA). In the wake of the countless hate crimes against the Asian community, it has been difficult to find the words to underline the need for us to be kind, to be human first, and to always, always learn. Here, we decided to share with you the inimitable story of one immigrant’s journey to Canada. 

Welcome to a fantastic tale of warriors, war-torn countries, revolutions, and evolutions. Of love, and family, bribes and bravery, across generations and seas. This is a one-off, one-on-one special with one of the most special people to me in the world. 


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 Additional Dates & Info: 

  • 1931 – 1937 Japan in China
  • 1937 Nanjing Massacre
  • Sept 1 1939 – sept 2 1945. WORLD WAR II
  • Dec 7, 1941 Attack on Pearl Harbour
  • 1947 Independence of the Republic of INDIA
  • 1949 Founding of the People’s Republic of China
  • 1957 Construction of Akasai Chin Highwar India China dispute
  • 1959 Tibetian uprising against Chinese Rule failed
  • 1962 – 10 Oct – 20 Nov Sino Indian War 
  • 1962 Dec India passed the Defence of India Act 

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  • 1922 Ah Yeh YUK QUAN (Ah Kung’s father, )went to India to work
  • 1929  Ah Yeh cohabited and had 2 sons – Gowrie and Roger
  • 1891 – 1954 Yuk Quan Ah Yeh HoiChu Lao’s father – my grandpa  birth and death
  • 1894 – 1981 Lao Chun HoiChu Lao’s mother – my granny birth and death
  • 1924  AH KUNG (Nana Nina’s father) went to India? Don’t have birth dates
  • 1939 aged 18  Hoi Chu LAO (Venietia’s father) went to Assam  India Via HongKong building aerodrome for the British for 5 years during the war.
  • 1928 Jan 16 HUANG YEN CHUN (nana Nina) born in Kurseong
  • 1944  March 17 – declared Married LAO hoi chu to IN KWAN and moved to Calcutta. Declaration made as there was no marriage registry records.  The married in the Chinese tradition I think.
  • 1974 Jan 14 Loo family Sook Kung and Sook Pho and cousins to Toronto
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