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Get ready for waves of laughter as we sit down with the queen of the sea, Crystal Richards. We go ALL over the place with this one – from leaving University to live a “Life in the Hills”-esque summer to moving on from the “dream” corporate job in order to design her perfect life. Crystal has DONE. IT. ALL.

But between the laughter and ocean puns we talk about the importance of making space for your creativity, how you don’t need to be a massive company in order to gain coverage and how to start living a life where your passions take the front seat in your life. Learn how to get your business into leading online publications such as, Forbes, Cosmo, GQ, Business Insider and more through her Digital PR School and see what can happen when you dive in and fully champion your dreams. 

About Crystal Richard:

Crystal Richard is the award-winning entrepreneur and publicist behind Crystal Richard & Co., a global digital PR company helping entrepreneurs get the dreamy media coverage they deserve. She’s also the creator of Digital PR School and coaches business owners on how to rock their own media outreach. Crystal has secured media placements for her clients in leading online publications such as Forbes, Cosmo, the Globe and Mail, GQ, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Inc., Chatelaine Magazine, and more. She is also the Founder of travel and lifestyle brand East Coast Mermaid. Crystal donates a portion of her profits to various ocean conservation organizations annually, including the Campobello Whale Rescue Team


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