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About to start a new venture? Want to explore the world of entrepreneurship? Got a burning passion for candle making/sock puppet designing/creative world domination and don’t know how to monetise it? Or, is bookkeeping ruining your life? We got you, babes! Willow Oak is a personalised consultancy, committed to helping you do what only you can do – and that, is the product/service that you uniquely offer! We talk to Megan, founder of Willow Oak, about developing a healthy money mindset, robust bookkeeping and systems, and learning how to understand your numbers, so that you can set up for sustainable success from day one. Megan offers a wide variety of insights from HR, to incorporating your business, to virtual assistants (something we can’t wait to get in our lives). This episode will help you dissolve that startup stress, and demystify some of (what we consider to be) those intimidating barriers to a bountiful business! 

About Willow Oak Business Consulting

Megan Hughes is a CPA, currently living just outside of Vancouver, BC with her husband, Evan and children, William and Kennedy. I love all things business related, and enjoy working to make processes more efficient. I believe that by alleviating some of the tasks by wearing one (or a few) of the many hats for you, you can focus your attention, time and energy on other matters.

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