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Do you think of boundaries as how to ‘say no’? SNAP! Well, this episode is for US! We gained so much from Justine’s holistic approach to stress management coaching – this goes beyond wellness and into proactively communicating with our peers, loved ones and others as confident, caring and connected humans. Justine highlights the shift from seeking constant external validation to practically training in daily self-awareness, so that we can share from our scars, not from our wounds. This episode helps us make space for that self-care, so that we can create brave spaces, deal with boundary violations, and improve the quality of connection and relationships.

About Justine:

Justine Sones is a stress management and self-care coach who specializes in boundary setting. Justine’s coaching career began in massage therapy where her practice was dedicated to exploring how stress, pain, and relaxation affect the physical body. She realized that the support her clients needed was holistic and required more than a massage. She now works with business owners, burnt-out parents, high performers and over-functioners to develop awareness around the impact boundaries and self-care has on their businesses, relationships, productivity and happiness.

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