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Sheena Russell is the Founder of Made with Local, a B Corp Certified, female-led small business that makes the most delicious, simple, nourishing snack bars without the crap in them. Her products are sold in stores across Canada including Loblaws, Costco, and 

Made with Local started as a small table at a farmer's market, selling snack bars. At the time, Sheena's table was next to a local apiary that made the most incredible honey. She began by bringing home a tub of their honey every few weeks, to add as a natural sweetener to her bars. Over time, she went from getting a tub of honey every month or so, to every Saturday as the business grew.

Today – Made with Local products are made entirely with products by Canadian farmers and producers. And they are the only notable snack-bar company to use honey (and Canadian at that) in their bars. 


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