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With special guest Dr. T aka Dad, aka Papa, aka Kristina Lao’s Father-dearest, we explore how to curate the career path that will keep you inspired, passionate and happy. We get into everything from how having a good resume can help alleviate imposter syndrome, tactics to keep you curious and inspired and how sometimes the biggest leaps forward come from someone doubting you. Dr. T lets us in on the secret that started him on a career path which spanned five countries and a world of experiences while keeping up with his passion for sport and undertaking continuous learning – including a Ph.D.

Whether you’re looking for a way to escape the cycle of work-home-work or are just entering your career this is an episode you won’t want to miss!

About Dr. T: 

1. Born in London, UK. Lived in UK, NZ, Australia, Hong Kong, and


2. Career spans banking, police, military, private sector

(construction), consulting, and teaching/instructing (at a local

university, which is what he’s doing now).

3. Sports include(d) running, swimming, soccer, marathons, Ironman

Triathlons – and now, walking!

4. Hobbies include learning basic guitar, and how to read sheet music


5. Interests – Learning how to learn – and, continuous learning.


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