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Today is a MUST LISTEN:

We talk using TikTok to gain brand awareness and authority as a professional, using YouTube’s short stories to gain MAJOR traction, and the power of forgetting failure and JUST TRYING THE THING. 

This episode is for creators, entrepreneurs and real estate investors (whether you’re on your first or fifth home, this episode has tricks and tips for you!). 

You don’t want to miss this badass brunch with Ashley Smith, who sits on the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver as the youngest President in its 100 year history, representing over 14,000 Realtors. So, buckle up and get ready to re-evaluate your content strategy, interview your agents, and find your perfect partnerships, whether it’s for your first home, your business, or empire-building investments. Ashley’s got you covered, BBs. 

About Our Guest: 

A licenced REALTOR® since 2008, Ashley Smith is keen to participate in the real estate profession, and to help shape its future in an exciting and fast-evolving landscape. As a young leader in the BC business community, she was recognized by Business in Vancouver with a “Top Forty Under 40” award. For her business, Ashley leans heavily into social media and video to build community, authority, and brand awareness. A self-proclaimed governance nerd, Ashley has 10 years of leadership experience in Organized Real Estate – recently serving the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver as its youngest President in the organization's 100 year history in 2019/20 representing over 14,000 Realtors. In 2021, Ashley was appointed a director's seat with the B.C. Real Estate Association.


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