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What a FIERCE, FABULOUS episode! Natasha Jung takes us on a journey through the inception and continued growth of Cold Tea Collective, a 25-strong, volunteer-led organisation that tells stories for, by and about Asian Millennials. We talk finding your niche, engaging your stakeholders, building an authentic community, and creating lasting relationships. Natasha is, in our opinion, a true pioneer of facilitative leadership, and champion of anti-racism. One of Kristina’s absolute heroes, Cold Tea Collective is a safe space to share stories without having to explain yourself – it’s about celebrating a shared culture. We spill the tea on when to launch, overcoming imposter syndrome, on knowing what’s ‘enough’, and when (and HOW) to get paid. If you are building a new community, looking for one, or enjoy learning and understanding the wonderfully different ways that we create connections within our chosen and lived societies. We love how honest, passionate, clear and humble a leader Natasha is, and we know you will absolutely ADORE her as much as we do. Enjoy, BBs! 

About Natasha

Natasha Jung is the Founder, Editor in Chief, and Executive Producer of Cold Tea Collective, a media publication for, by, and about Asian millennials in North America and has previously partnered with global brands Dove and Refinery29. Natasha’s experience as a broadcast journalist, producer, and marketer have led her to interview cast members of Crazy Rich Asians, Shang-Chi and more. PR Newswire has named Cold Tea Collective as one of the “10 Top-Notch Asian American News Sites to Follow”.

In 2021, Natasha was named a Community Builder in BC Business’ Women of the Year Awards and Cold Tea Collective was recognized by the BC Multiculturalism and Anti-Racism Awards. 

Natasha is a founding advisor for the Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council with the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade and has served on several non-profit boards over the last decade. Her dedication to community has also been recognized by the United Global Chinese Womens’ Association of Canada and Deloitte Canada.

Outside of work, Natasha is a new mom and when she isn't taking care of her four month old son, she's on the hunt for the best bubble tea and other Asian desserts. 


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