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We are ecstatic to introduce you to our latest bombshell who arrived (very on-brand) yielding a mimosa glass in one hand and a Nerf gun in the other. Award-winning All-Star Middle Linebacker, two-time Grey Cup champion, and a eight-year Canadian Football League veteran, Shea Emry talked with us about the importance of creating safe spaces for men to “ventilate” (politically correct terminology here) their feelings. After suffering a concussion which put him out for almost a whole season, Shea who was battling depression, began looking inwards – adventuring and navigating mental health and his childhood traumas. This episode is hilarious but equally informative and incredibly important as we support the men around us who are struggling to get out of the societally upheld box of tough guys and alpha-no-emotions. No matter what your background, assigned gender or preferences – this episode has something for everyone – think epic snowball fights, yachts, the power of yelling and axe throwing. 

About Shea Emry:

Former Pro Footballer turned men's mental health advocate and adventure entrepreneur Shea Emry is tackling new challenges. He’s battled some behemoth humans and suffered from countless concussions as a result. Combining those concussions with childhood trauma have, in turn, made his latest endeavours more difficult than they needed to be. Since retirement, he has founded a number of companies; Wellmen, A men's adventure club, aimed at inspiring men to find healthy ways to ventilate their human experience, Axewood axe throwing crew, and most recently Avalaunch Snowball Blitz — which is paintball style snowball fight experience. All of which are based at the Whistler Racket Club. Debilitating fear, self-doubt, and procrastination have impeded his efficiency and ability to be his best version of himself. Join us as we journey through his story, how he’s been able to continuously battle his fears daily and bring childish dreams to fruition by saying what the huck? Why the huck not? Let's huck’n do this. 

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