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Matthew Neutra is an innovator, a compelling speaker, and a distiller of imaginative, big-picture ideas. His commitment to mentorship, effective storytelling, and supporting emerging creatives leaves no wonder as to why he’s a next-level thinker and Lead Experience Engineer at Bose. 

From establishing trust, to asking the right questions (not trying to have the right answers), and wholeheartedly embracing failure, Matt leads us through some of the best tips and tricks he’s learned over the years, to set every one of us up for success in our own creative thinking endeavours. 

No matter what your business, industry or life phase, this talk will have you thinking about the best ways to engage with those around you, and build lasting, lovely relationships.

About Our Guest: 

Matthew Neutra has been at the bleeding edge of immersive media, experience design and digital signage for over a decade and an half.  His passion for storytelling, clear communication and technology have driven him to experiment, tinker and build extraordinary experiences.  These include a stereoscopic dome theater with one of a kind immersive audio, a full scale immersive Millennium Falcon experience, audio AR, immersive branched narrative, physical/digital immersion and all manner of spatial audio experiences.  Matt has a B.S. in Geology, and M.S. in Geo-information Science/Remote sensing and worked on the pre-cursor to Google Earth in the late 1990’s.  He likes rock climbing, ice climbing and he is a Libra.

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