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Alysha is a force of nature, and of nurture – humanising stigmatised people and exercising values-led leadership is something that we can all learn from. We sat down with Alysha to talk through her love of transformative interaction, starting with her own experiences with bad bosses and through a serendipitous series of exchanges within her neighbourhood, that led her to run this incredible charity. The saying goes that many of us are just two paycheques away from poverty. Alysha and her team actively reduce the stigma surrounding the Downtown Eastside’s population, and remind us that every single person has a unique and important story. This episode will leave your heart full, your mind changed, and your life fuller. The next time you walk by someone on the street, you’ll see a person first.  

About Alysha: 

Alysha has been in the hair industry for 11 years. After starting her career in salons she found a passion for barbering and switched lanes in 2011. While living in Gastown (an area of Vancouver’s downtown east side for non-Vancouverites) she befriended some downtown eastsiders. After seeing the way they were being treated and having experienced addiction in her family, she decided to start 2 Paycheques Away as a way to change the stigma around addiction, homelessness and mental health on the DTES. 

2 Paycheques Away, unlocks new perceptions of spirited and resilient individuals from the DTES by sharing their stories as told during their visit to the barber.


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