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Our latest episode with Liz Hendersen, commercial stylist for over a decade and the co-founder of Project Wardrobe (a clothing rental house for the film industry) was SUCH a treat. We dove into the difficulties around starting a business that is not commonly understood, the trials of renting warehouse space as two women, fierce friends and partnerships, the incredible power of RESPECT as a foundation in order to have real friendships and tough conversations AND acknowledging that business doesn’t have to be a ZERO sum game.

We can’t recommend this episode enough! Keep your eyes on the @bombshellbrunches instagram because we’re going to have lots more content from Liz coming your way. 


About Liz: 

Liz is a stylist, a world traveller, life lover and co-owner of Project Wardrobe Rental House, a commercial styling company and warehouse that she and her business partner Lisa Masi founded in 2018. Liz has worked on hundreds of commercials over her career, including top brands like Mattel, Hasbro and Samsung. She now lives in Cloverdale with her high school sweetheart and two amazing children.


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