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Well… it all starts with a dildo on the wall. This episode went all over the place from some of Kristina and Raquelle’s own past experiences to bad puns to learning how to navigate difficult conversations and learning not to internalize other people’s reactions to sex.  

Sex Therapist, Diana Sadat guides us through discussing lulls in a relationship with a partner to showing up as your most fulfilled self in a relationship to navigating sexual trauma and holding safe space for others.

We talk about the necessity of building safety and respect into a relationship and how intimacy and eroticism can be fluid rather than a “pick the position” experience. 

Buckle up, bombshells because this episode cuts to the core of the #BeBraveLiveFull ethos and reminds us how important open communication is for levelling up in all parts of life!

About Diana: 

Diana is a counsellor and certified sex therapist – after filling up her practice in a short couple of months, she took her love of sex therapy and established Allura Sex Therapy Centre, Vancouver’s leading counselling practice that exclusively focuses on sex, sexuality, and relationships. Her passion for this work spans across a variety of issues from lack of desire and pain during sex to shame around sexual interests and attractions. Her mission is to help people find pleasure in their lives, develop an authentic and connected relationship to their sexuality and relationships, and throw out the messaging and beliefs that society has given them that holds them back. She loves supporting other therapists in developing their skills in this work and loves that she gets to spend her day helping as many people as possible become more comfortable and confident approaching the topic of sex and sexuality!


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