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Dr. Javeria Shah is, in short, a scholarly activist with a hilarious sense of humour, and a deep, kind intelligence surrounding decolonisation practice. We laughed from the get-go about her impeccable Robert DeNiro impersonation, murder hornets (which are still at large, I’ll have you know), and poo emojis (flashback to toilet roll scarcity, anyone?). We wrapped it all up in the world of social justice, and Dr. Javeria’s academic-led impact on deconstructing social norms. Dr. Javeria glamorizes geekdom, and is the perfect example of being the change you want to see. 

About Dr. Javeria Khadija Shah

A cultural sociologist and interdisciplinary scholar with expertise in policy, media education, sociology, and the visual arts. I specialise in person-centred research that interrogates and re-conceptualises societal positioning(s) of the individual and their self-identity formation – and my current research is strongly focused on the conceptualisation of socialisation as ‘social performance’.


“The role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible” – Toni Cade Bambara

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