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Mayumi is a beacon of finding the possible, perfecting your pitch, and finding the best team by being your truest self. We know that feeling of not quite belonging, and that little (or loud) voice that pushes past what your culture, parents or society wants you to do. To find her unique storytelling voice, Mayumi takes us on a beautiful journey through the search for identity, a love of community, and being you above all else. A trans-national kid who danced between careers throughout her life, we talk through imposter syndrome, industry pressures, and the joy of helping others find the values in authenticity. The richness of culture brings so much more to story, and the credentials you have are only a portion of the success recipe, no matter your industry. So, sit back, take tea, and get ready to learn how to add the spice of YOU to everything you do!

About Mayumi: 

Born in Japan, raised in three continents, Mayumi Yoshida is an actor, writer, director, based in Vancouver, BC. Her role as Crown Princess (The Man in The High Castle) received a 2016 UBCP/ACTRA’s Emerging Actor nomination. For detailed acting credits please click here.

As an award-winning writer/director, Mayumi has been a leading force in emerging Asian-Canadian Cinema. She’s an alumna of Women in the Director’s Chair Career Advancement Module, Women in Focus Mentorship at Whistler Film Festival and currently the participant of the inaugural WarnerMedia x Canadian Academy Access Writers Program. She recently was also selected to be part of TIFF Netflix Talent Accelerator Fellowship and TIFF Writer’s Studio for 2022.  She is currently working on her feature film version of Akashi-あかし-.


Women in the Director’s Chair Career Advancement Module 

WarnerMedia x Canadian Academy Access Writers Program


TIFF Netflix Talent Accelerator Fellowship  

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