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Dr. Ian Cromwell has his hands in so many baskets. Ian is a Health Economist, highly sought-after multi-instrumentalist, and community champion with his collective Locals Lounge, which aims to elevate musicians across all genres and curate exceptional experiences for audiences all over the city. From hustle culture to abundance mindset, we start in science, and move into facilitative leadership models that embrace a collaborative, values-based and mutually beneficial mindset. A perfect partner to your morning beverage, this episode will inspire you to be vulnerable, build trust, and find the overlap in your skillset. We’re walking through the tastiest ingredients to a more sustainable, fulfilling career, and we’re here to help you get your next initiative going.

So let’s all sit down, find each other, and get to making some stone soup.

 About Ian Cromwell

Ian Cromwell is a musician, scientist, and community organizer in Vancouver, BC. Ian spends his days conducting reviews of health economic evidence on behalf of the Canadian health care system. By night, you can find Ian at the helm of Locals Lounge, a local music community incubator. Locals Lounge has recently launched the far-reaching 'Constellation' project – a collaboration between local music event organizers designed to welcome people back into Vancouver's music scene in the wake of COVID. Ian can also be found on stages around Vancouver, performing live with the help of his electric violin, guitar, and loop pedal.


Locals Lounge

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