Bombshell Brunches Podcast

It’s the first official day of Winter, and we’re celebrating with our TEAM! Meet Elvin, Hannah, Bosco and Glen, four of the six of our BB team members who are behind the scenes, producing the content that reaches your glorious eyes and ears every week. 

Bombshells began as in-person brunches, to create a community of like-minded, ambitious and socially conscious people. This team is the embodiment of that, and we are so proud of our team, who they are, and what they believe it. 

So sit back, grab your favourite bevvie, and listen to our team’s top episode votes, key takeaways, career challenges and how to overcome them, and best resources for a productive and proactive 2022! 

P.S. We’re missing Grace and Nicole today but we’re sending love their way!

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank our past BB team members  Brittni Noble and Kristie Chan, who helped us get things up and running and whom we ADORE! 

Team Votes for their top BB Episodes of 2021: 





Thank you to our incredible BB Team: Glen, Bosco, Hannah, Grace, Elvin and Nicole!  Levels Music Production: Audio Career Pathway Support (to connect with Levels Music Pro, click HERE)

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