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What an inspiring, incredible episode to ring in the New Year! From a long love of the English language, through competitive hockey, to billboards and chart-topping tunes, Nimkish (she/they) embodies every part of the art form in order to inspire the world with socially conscious stories. We talk about the investment made into learning the language of your career, building your blue sky, and taking control of your workflow. Nimkish avidly believes that when you put what you want out into the universe, based on what you believe in, you attract your team. Every entrepreneur, creative, and life designer is a  project manager of our own careers. So get your vision board out, put in the work, and don’t settle for the status quo, because you, BBs, are worth your biggest dreams.  

About Nimkish: 

To fully immerse in the multitudes of Indigenous rising star Nimkish is to honour the past, look ahead to the future, and bask in the resplendent present all at once. The Vancouver-based marvel-in-the-making is fearless in her lyricism, confronting anti-Indigenous racism and colonial violence alongside other hard subjects like anxiety, grief and heartache. To the great tradition of singer-songwriters healing through their music, Nimkish brings a bright-eyed aim to flourish in all she has experienced. Stylistically, Nimkish exists in a realm between Kehlani and King Princess, softly orbiting Sabrina Claudio. Her lyrics give affirmation to past pain while living in the moment. To some it may sound like escapism, to others it may sound like moxie-driven R&B-pop pulsing through the club. What’s certain is her fortitude — she’s an it-girl on a mission.


Nimkish’s Team:

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