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Tuesday Brunch Break Time! We revisit daily practices in this new season, and break down the ingredients that we use in our quest to Be Brave, Live Full. Raquelle and Kristina have very different ways of optimizing, and we walk through this brunch break to share knowledge, celebrate differences, and ask some big questions so that you can take away the most valuable tips for YOUR best version of you! Some key takeaways: 

  • Movement, Light and Hydration as big, bold daily foundations
  • Morning Mindset routine: build your own, and change it seasonally
  • The Cake Analogy: get nerdy about how much YOU need of what in your life, in order to set up for your best day
  • Make Space: You can’t listen if you are crowded! Make sure you have space to just sit back and observe
  • Get Curious: Coming from a place of non-judgement and questioning your deeper why underneath your behaviour will help you custom bake your own Daily Practice Cake. 

We hark back to Dr. T, Diana Sadat, and Bake Daddy for some super tips on creating your best, fullest life. So sit back, relax, and tune in for our Brunch BAKE. 😉

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Thank you to our incredible BB Team: Glen, Bosco, Hannah, Grace, Elvin and Nicole!  

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