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How do you increase confidence, lower cortisol levels, reduce stress and command influence and authority? Easy: SING IN THE SHOWER! MAKE WEIRD SOUNDS! MASSAGE YOUR JAW! And speak through a straw into a cup of water every day. Think of voice as the new meditation: it’s something that we all use, and most of the time, it’s unconsciously so. Today’s episode breaks down how our voice actually creates sound, why it’s great for your mental wellbeing, and why teachers, public speakers, managers, fitness instructors, parents and guardians, and ANYONE who’s talking for extended periods of time can create a more powerful presence, internally and impactfully to others. Three minutes a day is all it takes, so sit back, grab a glass of water, and drink in this nourishing episode with Rachael and Carol-Lynne!

About Rachael:
Rachael Schroeder is a singer, songwriter and vocal producer/editor. Pursuing her lifelong passion, Rachael has been honing her vocal technique and songwriting craft since a young age through continuous vocal training, workshops and collaborations. From 2015 to 2017, she attended an audio music school in Vancouver, studying sound engineering, music production, music business and artist development. From her heart to yours, Rachael’s lyrics express fearless truths layered with Imogen Heap inspired harmonies driven by her smokey yet powerful vocals. Currently Rachael focuses primarily on vocal work and songwriting in collaboration with creatives around the globe. 

About Carol-Lynne Quinn:
CQ Voice is a voice company founded by Carol-Lynne Quinn, an athletic science-based voice coach.  She has worked with award-winning vocalists, coaching JUNO Master Classes and Canada’s Music Incubator.
In 2021, CQ Voice launches ROAR, an online community with vocal training programs, live challenges, articles, podcasts, live group classes and a plethora of resources for all voice users. 


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