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075. Staying Informed on Ukraine: A Global Media Perspective & Creating A Mental Sanctuary w/ Kristina & Raquelle

This one’s a BIG topic. We’re bringing you our breakdown of some select media and anecdotal clips, with a focus on how media looks different from around the world. 

We talk through the impact of the overwhelm of news, fear-mongering verbiage and international perspectives, to listening lightly and creating individual control over your mental and emotional health. As always, we believe in being brave and living full. We know that education is influence, and influence is personal power. So, we hope that you will take some time to do your own reading and research, too! We took this topic on because we both felt it hard to turn off media sources, and easy to feel helpless. So, in brunch break style, we’re here for you to help discuss ways to design and protect our mental sanctuaries, do what we can, and take a big, collective breath as we look at internal and external stories that impact us on countless levels.

CBC Segment
BBC Segment
SCMP Segment
SABC Segment


New York Times
Daily Maverick
University of Amsterdam
The Daily Podcast
CBC Ways to Help Ukraine

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