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Let’s get planning! Today we’re talking WEDDINGS! We talk to Grace Harvey about our own unique perspectives on unions, the importance of knowing your values and the elements that enrich your union experience: from budget to bandwidth, guests to the dress, we’re on the road to togetherness with our favorite event planner. Find out some best questions to ask your future planner, how to DIY it, and why a farm might not be cheaper than that luxury hotel. 

About Our Guest: 

Grace is a food and drink-loving Brit in British Columbia. With over 12 years of hospitality experience in some of BC and Europe’s top spaces, resorts, and fine dining restaurants, Grace designs inimitable events in exceptional settings. Grace’s love for participating in exceptional experiences is matched only by her love of a lazy Sunday brunch with her best friends. Grace’s global travels have resulted in her meticulous planning, organising and running all manner of events. A lover of small towns with big personalities, Grace now resides in Victoria, where she reads up on wine, dog-sits at every opportunity, and revels in bringing dream events to life. Grace is currently an event planner at The Good Party, based in Victoria, B.C.


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