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When did you realise that self-worth was attached to looks? Have you been told “you’re so pretty – you don’t need to work as hard”, or thought to yourself “If I look ‘better’, I might get the job”? For every side of this surface-level coin, this episode is for YOU!

Let’s talk about another side of the glass ceiling: the one where you’re too pretty to be smart, you only got the job because you’re “beautiful”, and you get compliments based on outside, out-of-your-control elements. 

We dig into the dark side of the “pretty” compliments for young girls and how they combined with affection can end up linking girls’ self-worth to appearance rather than things in their control such as intelligence or humour. 

Looks in general hold so much weight in society (pun intended), so we want to encourage you to show up as YOUR best self. So let’s get real, here: from Mowgli to Erin Brokovich, from Barbie to Gigantor, we get into the weeds with the ‘unsaid side’ of ‘pretty’, and highlight some of the impactful compliments we’ve given and received that highlight the shine from within! 

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