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Buckle up, BBs! A true connector, Candace Sampson takes us from her school supply business to entrepreneurial motherhood, from thriving influencer and broadcast channels to navigating the Canadian Justice system in an incredibly hostile divorce with tenacity and transparency. We talk about leaving your 9-5, the glass cliff, and what to do to prepare for a marriage and divorce- whether you’re in a good place or not! From mindfulness to time management, family courts to brainstorming support, we REALLY get into the weeds. If you’re pushing your entrepreneurial journey up the mountainside, we’re here by your side with tips, tricks and reminders to help you stay on track. 

About Our Guest: 

Candace has been in the trenches with women across Canada for over a decade sharing her self-deprecating humour on Canada’s popular YMC, her passion for travel and food on her website, Life in Pleasantville, and as a TV and Radio personality.

Candace’s reputation for approachable professionalism and a great sense of humour are demonstrated in her delivery of real-life stories that matter across all her digital and broadcast channels.


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