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Weekend Warriors and Fab Fit Humans, we’ve got your back (and shoulders, and glutes)! If you are sitting at your desk watching this right now, we’re about to get you moving. Nadia is a physiotherapist for some of the world’s top professional athletes. From the emergency room to recovery for rugby players, Nadia talks us through how to create awareness of our bodies, what common injuries to look out for, and how to fire up the areas of your body in order to workout with purpose. 

From incontinence to high performance training, we talk about mental grit, daily activation tricks, fitness myths, and the big picture of how to approach your fitness AND health journey. 

About Our Guest: 

Nadia was born in Johannesburg (South Africa), with Greek and Italian heritage. Currently living in beautiful Stellenbosch she loves hiking, trail running, reading and good wine (so basically you found the perfect place to live). Nadia is a sports physiotherapist at the Stellenbosch Academy of Sport living out my passion every day. She has been a physiotherapist for 15 years, having had the privilege of working with various professional and amateur sports teams/ individuals.

Nadia is known by some of the most elite athletes in the world as the women with the touch that makes grown men cry and I can personally attest to the fact that she is seriously impressive – having fixed issues I’d had for years in just one or two sessions.


Stellenbosch Academy of Sport

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