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**TRIGGER WARNING** This episode talks about reproductive culture, practices and sensitive sexual practices are discussed. We recognise that we are not from the cultures that we discuss, and that this is a complicated conversation. Our intention is to highlight Raquelle’s individual, personal experience, and never intend to place judgement on any culture or norm.  

Raquelle is completing her Masters in Communication, specialising in Health Communications, from the University of Amsterdam. Having returned from a month in Tanzania with the Masaai culture, she takes us through the difference between health culture and individual health bias, how empirical research is conducted, and why she chose to take on an across-the-globe trip to challenge her own existing bias. 

We candidly discuss the beauty and sometimes pitfalls of honouring ancient cultures, the impact of gender norms on nutrition and health, and honour the intention to inspire positive influence while creating and maintaining a safe space for others. 


The Masaai Culture – 

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