Bombshell Brunches Podcast

What really happens when you springboard into your next, bolder, braver version of you? Well, here’s Kristina’s take on the flying pains of building a braver, bolder life. 

The last few weeks, we’ve been learning to livestream, and navigating life curveballs along the way. Our beautiful BB community has taught us how to be brave in order to live full so well, that now we’re left with the blessed curse of getting what we asked for: MORE. 

Listen to Kristina’s top takeaways in the wake of producing her biggest personal solo musical event and a second hugely important advocacy-based musical event, learning to live stream and taking on new contracts and committees with entirely new teams. 

As always, whatever we do, we take you with us, so I hope you enjoy this little solo spill from K-Lao! 

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Thank you to our incredible BB Team: Glen, Bosco, Hannah, Grace, Rowan, and Chris!

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