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If you’re like us, right now the world feels heavy. Burnout is a recurring theme, pandemic isolation and social justice fights have permeated our daily lives. Many of our friends, peers, colleagues and family, including you wonderful listeners, have voiced an inability to make strong decisions, to know where to start to help. So, Kristina sits down with local City Council Candidate Ian Cromwell to help outline, define, and un-blur some of the lines of Vancouver’s upcoming Municipal Election. 

We cannot change everything, and nor should we. This is about us taking the steps that we can, making decisions that we’re able to make, to really participate in the change that we want to see.

We acknowledge that this is one political opinion – please take a little time regularly to do your own research, in all areas – we will too. Systemic change is not easy, but it IS worth it! 

About Our Guest: 

Ian Cromwell (he/him) is a health economist at the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health, where he provides advice to healthcare decision-makers to ensure the best use of public resources. Cromwell is a classically-trained violinist and founder of Locals Lounge, a grassroots incubator for Vancouver’s music community. Ian is currently a candidate for Vancouver City Council with OneCity Vancouver.

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