Bombshell Brunches Podcast

Well, Kristina and Raquelle have just finished a summer-long livestream series, and settle in for a good old brunch break on a topic that’s been on the back burner for a hot minute. We know so many of you are out there changing the world in your own unique ways, and we love you for it. Our big question: what kind of energy are you using to create that change, and is that serving you best? 

We love to dig deep into our existences through conversations like this, and we want to know what keeps you fueled when you’re fighting for your cause. In true Bombshell fashion, we love to celebrate the differences, even when it’s not easy in the moment. We hope this one gives you reason to take a minute and ponder on your own source of passion, ask yourself whether winning the fight is the ultimate goal, and daydream on how you might like to show up in times of unity, and times of divide. 

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