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From bucket lists to building community, Bea and her partner Dana Harvey envisioned a place to share and sit in circle, sharing their psychedelic journeys with like-minded women. Fast forward one year to the inaugural Sisters in Psychedelics Summit, we’re sitting in circle with Bea to get the tea on their psychedelic journey!
From preparation, to the journey itself to the lifelong integration of learning, we talk coaches, trip sitters, the history of MDMA, Ketamine Clinics and so mush(room) more. 
Whether you are for, against or in between on the psychedelic conversation, this one’s about exploring the grey space that drug and psychedelic culture live in. 
About Our Guest: 
Bea (“Bee”) Chan is a female BIPOC founder, community builder and mental health advocate. After leaving her corporate career, she found herself rediscovering her ancestral roots in Asia, where she stumbled on marketing, entrepreneurship and plant medicine. Profound psychedelic trips from Thailand to Mexico led Bea to collide with Dana Harvey – her soul sister – and together they co-created Sisters In Psychedelics (SIP) in November 2021. SIP is a grassroots community and platform that empowers people to elevate the divine feminine and other underrepresented voices in the evolution of the psychedelic ecosystem. Organically growing from 15 strangers to over 450 sisters around the world, they're just about ready to debut their gender-inclusive, inaugural SIP Summit on Sept 10 and invite all to join!

About the Conference: 

Sponsored by Numinus, Conscious Mind Clinic and several others, the inaugural SIP Summit is happening on Sept 10 at the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra with an epic full moon after party at a private residence! Featuring 34 female speakers, the keynote will be delivered by Dr. Pam Kryskow, with other notable speakers covering topics like: Executive Leadership, Modern Medicine Women, PTSD & Parenting, Sex & Intimacy, Trauma & Money, Ethics in Clinical Practice and more!

Check out the summit agenda and speakers here, and grab your in-person ticket or FREE livestream access here!

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