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Thinking larger than life is standard practice for this badass bombshell! Melody sits down with us to discuss the supercool origin story of EatArt and the work in and around sustainable machinery and art works. We talk through alternative energies, mentoring next gen energy consumers, and steering a ship on volunteer hours alone. We talk through the “Do-ocracy” of love-led organisations, the importance of delegating to others, and how to find skill exchange sweet points within a team. 

If you’re an entrepreneur with a creative mind and have passion projects that you’re looking to launch or elevate, this one’s for you! 

About Our Guest: 

Melody Copeman is a Senior UI Artist working in video games, currently working on Apex Legends – a battle royale developed by EA / Respawn. Melody has a Bachelor in Media Arts in Interactive + Social Media arts from Emily Carr University. Melody volunteers as the Executive Director of the eatART foundation (which stands for Energy Awareness Through art). Melody has helped them with organizing fundraisers, social media, and fabrication. When not doing that, Melody enjoys drinking bubble tea, designing costumes and practicing aerial silks. Melody is passionate about environmental sustainability, social justice, and creativity.

About EatART

eatART is an acronym that stands for Energy Awareness Through art. As a charity organization, we support the creation of large-scale, technically sophisticated art that invites viewers to question the social and environmental impact of energy consumption. 


Burning Man
Taking my Parents to Burning Man

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