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HOLY-GUACAMOLE this was a BEAST of an episode. Seriously – you’re going to want to listen all the way to the end. Today we sat down with fighter, boxing promoter, nutritionist and personal trainer, Jana to talk about the KEY differences between “Training” and “Working out”, how to build mental toughness, THE most effective strategies to hit your fitness goals, which diet trends Jana wishes would disappear forever, how to not take sexism personally and instead use it as a challenge, AND SO MUCH MORE. Turn this episode on and go for a long walk and prepare to get fired UP. 

About Our Guest: 

Jana is a Fitness Industry veteran with over 10 years of experience. She has been an industry leader in the creation and growth of fitness brands, partnerships, events, development of products and programming. She develops culture and community everywhere she goes. As a boxing athlete she has 6 fights with more to come and has been on the other side coaching fighters, cornering and volunteering at local events as well as PPV events with her company Empire Boxing Promotions.

Jana has trained and delivered Nutrition Consulting for celebrities, athletes and fitness professionals throughout her career. She is also a partner in a Canadian based Professional Boxing Promotion Empire Boxing Promotions, a Lululemon Ambassador for Pacific Center, formerly Beverly Hills CA, Everlast Canada sponsored athlete, York Athletics sponsored athlete and Body Energy Club Van/LA Ambassador.

In her one on one sessions, she blends her knowledge of science based training with skill development, bringing it to her clients in an approachable and scalable way to suit the individual.


Training with Jana

Empire Boxing Promotions

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