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If you’re looking to move from financially surviving to financially thriving  – we have JUST THE episode for you! We rolled up our sleeves with Alison Lowe to talk about the financial strategies that will make your dreams come true. From strategies to reduce taxes to saving for a down payment (hint: it takes more than just putting money into a savings account), to HOW TO BUY A HOUSE USING AN INSURANCE POLICY (LIKE WHAT??) – Alison brought the TEA for you. 

 About Our Guest:               
Alison Lowe has a background as a PhD student in clinical psychology in Palo Alto and had been groomed from a very young age to be a doctor. Upon realizing that being a doctor wouldn’t bring the financial freedom she needed if she didn’t know about money she decided to embark on a money learning journey. Alison was introduced to the financial industry by “SOMEONE”? (WE MUST KNOW WHO THIS MYSTERY SOMEONE IS) Who offered to teach her how to allow her money to make more for her. Alison jumped at the chance and the rest is history! She quit her PhD and moved back to Vancouver to start a career in finance. Having built a brokerage across Canada, Alison is now expanding into the USA. 

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