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Have you ever questioned the direction of your career just to pull the proverbial fire alarm – running across the world for an Eat, Pray, Love-esque adventure? Or at least dreamed of it? If so, this episode is one you’re going to love.  Annaliesse was born with a passion for interior design. After one semester at UVic she realized she needed to follow that dream. That week her parents packed her up and she headed off to Europe where she met a guy floating by in the Ocean in Greece which led her to a whirlwind opportunity restoring a stunning and ancient mill in France before returning to Canada to begin her design career. Join us as we discuss how to buy art as a beginner, how to invest in art, how to make your home feel like HOME and the whirlwind adventures of life. 

 About Our Guest: 

Annaliesse Kelly has been in the world of design for 20 years.Throughout her award-winning career, Annaliesse has worked with Canada’s top architectural firms, contractors and artisans to create sophisticated spaces that reflect the individual needs of her clients. AK Design’s work has been featured extensively in the press, including in Western Living, The Vancouver Sun, Canadian Home Trends, Rue Magazine and more. This recognition has been largely attributed to their passion for creating spaces that are timeless, functional and most importantly—feel like home.


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